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What to Expect

What happens during
a study visit?

During each visit, your loved one will undergo a series of assessments and procedures that will allow us to closely monitor his or her health and Geographic Atrophy. These may include:

  • Eye vision exams

  • Photographic exams of your eye

  • Blood and urine tests

The length of each in-clinic visit may vary. While some visits may take up a large part of the day, it’s critical that your loved one attend all of them. If you need help traveling to the study site, please let your study doctor know. Transportation may be arranged for you and your loved one at no cost.

To help your loved one keep occupied during clinical trial visits, suggest that he or she bring a few items from home:

  • Tablet, computer, smartphone, or books on tape

  • Headphones

  • Snacks and water

Once your loved one agrees to participate, he or she will have access to additional resources at GAResearchStudy.com to help prepare for upcoming visits, including a “What to Expect” guide.

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